12/30/21 – Holiday Special: Knocking Down Housing Barriers

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In this special holiday episode of Renter Obsessed, Tyrone Poole joined us to talk about why he founded OneApp Guarantee, which helps families across the U.S. get access to housing by acting as a co-signer on rental applications. He shared what OneApp and Knock® have done so far to get more renters into homes, and (in the spirit of the holidays) how the entire multifamily industry can get involved to help overturn 10,000 application denials in 2022.


Topics discussed in this episode

  • The top reasons renters are denied, and the most common way denials can be overcome.
  • The structural racism and biases inherent in the way the housing industry measures risk.
  • How the multifamily industry can come together and flip this script.

Resources mentioned in this episode

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