Allegiant-Carter Reduces Fraud & Improves the Customer Experience with Knock® Tours

Allegiant-Carter Management, a Tampa-based property management company, prides itself on its ability to provide a high-touch customer experience at all of their communities. But as the company has grown over the last few years, that’s become a tall order.


“Our company is rapidly expanding, and most of our acquisitions are luxury properties in bigger markets,” said Sales Trainer Jennifer Christy. “And in those markets, our customers are expecting a high level of technology.”

This was especially evident when it came to tours — often a prospect’s first in-person experience with a particular community. Without a touring-specific solution, Allegiant-Carter felt like they were falling behind in terms of brand presence, with many leasing teams still relying on paper property maps and availability sheets.

Furthermore, while they had ID scanning capabilities, “we weren’t utilizing any program to protect us from fraud on the prospect level,” said Christy.

Allegiant-Carter decided to pilot Knock Tours, a fully integrated touring companion from Knock® CRM. With single-click ID scanning and selfie scan, Knock Tours helps prevent fraudulent renters from entering your property, applying for a lease, and turning into a costly mistake.

Thanks to Knock Tours, Allegiant-Carter finally got a clear picture of fraud exposure, and what they found was staggering: On average, each of their communities is exposed to roughly $13,666 worth of fraud costs per month. “Having that data is super valuable to us,” Christy said.

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