(Case Study) Knock’s effortless onboarding set The REMM Group up for immediate success.

Onsite teams are the core of the multifamily industry — if they aren’t happy, residents and prospects aren’t happy. This includes onsite teams’ experience with software solutions. If teams don’t understand the tech they’re using, they’re less likely to use it. This can lead to a whole host of problems, from inaccurate reporting to lower prospect engagement.


So when The REMM Group began looking for software to improve lead attribution and performance management, an easy onboarding and training process was at the top of their checklist.

“One of the reasons we selected Knock® is because they focus on the onsite team's experience,” says Windell Mollenido, director of marketing at The REMM Group. “That’s what made it powerful, because no matter how great your reporting is, if onsite teams don’t use it, it doesn’t matter.”

Approach: Set teams up for success as quickly as possible with Knock®.

From the very beginning, The REMM Group felt supported by Knock.

As part of the onboarding process, companies are assigned a dedicated onboarding and customer success manager. “Our Knock support team gave us exactly what we needed to know,” says Mollenido. “We were able to prepare communication to our teams, so that they weren’t surprised when we jumped on the first Knock kickoff meeting.”

With a solid foundation, The REMM Group’s teams were well prepared once training began. Again, they were surprised and delighted by how easy the process was.

“We cannot give Knock enough props for their live customer support. It’s cut down on so many support tickets for us, and the onsite teams trust that they’ll be able to get the support they need at the time they need it.”

– Henry Wong, Training Manager, The REMM Group

“Ninety percent of training is telling people how to work around the idiosyncrasies of software,” explains Henry Wong, training manager at The REMM Group. Because Knock is so user-friendly, “there’s very little training that we actually have to do,” Wong says. “It’s 20 minutes at most, while with other software it’s more like, ‘You think you press here but you don’t,’ things like that. There’s none of that in Knock.”

Once training was complete, The REMM Group’s onsite teams continued to work with Knock Support through a live chat feature. Built into the Knock dashboard, the live chat enables teams to ask questions and get help without leaving their work screen.

Results: Time savings, money savings, and happier onsite teams.

After a successful pilot, The REMM Group rolled out Knock to their entire portfolio. “Knock has really impressed us,” says Mollenido. “It really is an easy-to-use program.”

In addition to exceeding The REMM Group’s lead attribution and performance management (“Knock has saved me about two hours a day in terms of tracking,” says Wong, and it enabled Mollenido to decrease marketing spend), Knock saved the company even more time and resources thanks to its easy onboarding and customer support, including the live chat feature.

“We received a lot of feedback from our onsite teams on how Knock streamlined their day-to-day activities,” says Mollenido. And with onsite teams actively using Knock, The REMM Group’s prospects and residents benefit, too, from quick response times and enhanced customer service.

“We cannot give Knock enough props for the live support that they have for our team members,” says Wong. “It’s cut down on so many support tickets for us, and the onsite teams trust that they’ll be able to get the support they need at the time they need it.”

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