Knock Launches Centralized Leasing Suite to Maximize Existing Prospect Conversion and Minimize Advertising Costs

New product suite includes cross-selling, browser calling, and intelligent guest cards to streamline intra-portfolio referrals and boost closing ratios

Knock, the leading CRM and performance management platform for multifamily property management companies, announced today that its Centralized Leasing Suite is now available to all property managers and leasing teams across the United States.

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The new suite’s cross-selling, browser calling, and intelligent guest cards bring together powerful communication, leasing, and referral technology to enable both remote and on-site agents to keep high-quality leads within their portfolio by providing them with additional housing options while they have their attention and before they start to look at competitors.

“At Carroll, we’ve been able to leverage Knock’s centralized leasing platform to completely dismantle the traditional leasing model,” said Noah Echols, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at CARROLL. “Our centralized team supports over 30,000 units across 85 properties. Leads do not fall through the cracks, lead-to-lease conversion rates are better, and we are able to do this because of this functionality.”

With the release of the Centralized Leasing Suite, Knock has optimized its intuitive CRM and intelligent platform so its customers can make the most of every lead, no matter where agents are located and no matter where the lead is sourced. This allows operators to capitalize on every marketing dollar spent to ensure hard-earned prospects are given every opportunity to rent a property within the owner’s portfolio.

“Centralized leasing strategies aren’t new to multifamily, or Knock for that matter, but we’ve added some incredible new features to support clients who want to be more aggressive in building out a centralized model,” said Demetri Themelis, CEO at Knock.

“The pandemic, labor shortages, and the endless desire to improve customer experience and lower operating costs has forced operators of multifamily to reconsider how teams are built to support both customer experience and business outcomes—to achieve all of those goals some operators will require a centralized model, so we’ve beefed up our existing set of features that support cross-selling and are now making a Centralized Leasing Suite available to everyone.”

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Knock’s Centralized Leasing Suite encompasses three core features:
● Cross-sell – This flagship feature allows agents to make sister property referrals based on a prospect’s preferences and the availability of close-by units that match their preferences.
● Voice App – With VoIP, remote agents can take and make calls through their browser wherever they find a reliable internet connection—no additional hardware required.
● 360 Guest Card – This feature gives agents the ability to view the full history of a referred prospect without having to jump laboriously from platform to platform, property to property.

“Knock’s cross-selling feature has helped us keep qualified prospects in our portfolio,” said Morgan Ellis, Marketing Director at GSC. “We’re no longer losing prospects to competitors, because we give them everything they need to make a decision right at the moment when they’re most interested in filling out an application…whether it’s on a unit in that property or one of our sister properties in the same neighborhood.”

In addition to GSC, property management groups such as Red Peak and Scott Management have begun testing the Centralized Leasing Suite and have already seen exceptional increases in booked tours, visits and applications.

Esteban Dominguez, Operations Manager at Scott Management, found Voice App—the VoIP element of Knock’s Centralized Leasing Suite—to be especially powerful among his leasing agents: “Voice App has made things so much simpler and flow so much quicker. Closing ratios are going up, responsiveness has gone up, it’s a full 360 win. We love it.”

Aimee Worthy, Assistant Director, Apartment Information Services at GSC adds, “My teams can effortlessly refer prospects. And because the leads are so highly qualified, we’re booking tours at nearly double the rate of our standard leads with over a 20% application rate—all without spending another dollar on marketing. My teams are more efficient, and they are leasing more apartments.”

Teams using the Centralized Leasing Suite will also benefit from having access to Knock’s industry-leading self-scheduling platform, allowing leasing agents to automatically book the prospect tour at the sister property. This creates a swift and seamless handoff experience to turn one tour into several while giving leasing teams at sister properties higher chances to convert.

The Centralized Leasing Suite is available starting today for all property management companies in the United States.


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