Knock® Expands KnockNetwork Partner Program, Launches Integrated Partner Portal and Partner Directory

Knock® CRM is excited to announce the expansion of our KnockNetwork partner ecosystem. As part of our mission in prioritizing customer-first integrations, we're also launching KnockNetwork’s Partner Directory and Partner Portal. Together, these tools expand Knock’s platform and approach for supporting both our customers and technology partners.


Partners have been hand-selected for the KnockNetwork program as best-in-class solutions to support customer growth as well as to ensure an industry leading mutual user experience. “This program allows Knock to reach new levels with our strategic partners, while also guaranteeing results for our mutual customers,” said Dorota Firek, head of partnerships at Knock.

Three partnership tiers

KnockNetwork partnerships come in three tiers: Standard, Premium, and Elite. The Standard level is designed for all partners that wish to integrate with Knock’s platform through its open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Premium is designed for all integrated and non-integrated partners to share cross-marketing efforts in addition to joining Knock’s ecosystem, and also offers an annual co-branding marketing plan. Elite partners emphasize lead-generation activities while also partnering with Knock on co-branding initiatives and strategic plans.

This year, the Elite and Premium partner programs feature, a division of CoStar Group; SmartRent; Rentgrata; Realync; Tour 24; Nurture Boss; Zumper; Apartment List; REPLI; LCP Media; Hyly.AI; and OneDay. Fetch and Flex are also part of the Premium tier, and while not currently integrated into Knock’s platform, they are available as part of Knock’s ecosystem to erase additional pain points in the multifamily industry.

The KnockNetwork Partner Directory & Partner Portal

Currently, the KnockNetwork ecosystem features over 60 integrated partners, many of whom are listed in the Partner Directory. The directory acts as a central repository for Knock customers to identify new technology solutions that easily integrate with Knock’s services. The directory lists partners by specific service sectors, providing a comprehensive database for prospective customers with information about each service, contact forms and frequently asked questions.

“Our partner directory will not only provide industry guidance about companies that complement Knock's partner ecosystem, but will also build out the capabilities and reach of our CRM and performance platform," said Firek.

Each partner also has access to the Partner Portal, which enables direct communications with Knock to ensure a seamless, high quality experience for the mutual customer. The portal allows partners to request updates to their landing pages, submit support requests to Knock’s technical team, share referrals and more.

The Partner Portal and Directory take a customer-first approach in incorporating all integrated partners’ platform data into the KnockNetwork ecosystem, offering customers a holistic view of reporting on their various channels’ performance.

An "agnostic, customer-first approach"

KnockNetwork’s launch will make Knock the first to service front office CRM and performance management technology in a broad capacity. Our partnerships cover a wide scope of verticals, including automated communication, resident applications, AI communication, resident services, screening, leasing, marketing, property management software (PMS), tours, automation, business intelligence, amenities and smart home technology, so customers can work with trusted, superior solutions that are fully integrated within the Knock platform.

With Knock pioneering an agnostic approach in the multifamily industry, along with access to over 50 front office integrations and seven property management software (PMS) integrations, prospective customers will now be more educated on their options when selecting their own technology stack.

“The launch of the KnockNetwork is the formal expansion of our long-standing investment strategy in building partnerships with other technology suppliers. The sheer scale and complexity of operating large multifamily portfolios requires technology partners to work closely together to surpass our customers’ business needs and expectations. To be clear, we view our investments and leadership in partnerships as core strength of our platform — which confers a material competitive advantage to customers. This is way more than a ‘nice-to-have’ for top performing multifamily operators seeking to maximize efficiency,” said Demetri Themelis, Knock CEO and co-founder. “Our goal is to create a comprehensive network of partners that provides exceptional optionality and work-flow efficiency to our customers across every aspect of their business.”

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