Knock welcomes Rentgrata to partnership ecosystem

We are excited to announce our latest partnership, and welcome Rentgrata to our partnership ecosystem!


We focus on partnering with best in breed technology to provide customers with an exceptional experience. Partnering with Rentgrata allows our shared clients a seamless way to add additional referral conversions through the most flexible and customizable CRM in the industry while ensuring no disruption to leasing team performance.

Olympus Property was an early customer of both Knock and Rentgrata, and this new partnership is “music to my ears,” said Sarah Gencarella, Marketing Director.

“Our websites are our pride and joy,” she continued. “We want them to be absolutely perfect, and have the best user experience possible. We like the Knockbot, and want to get people to schedule a tour. When people are scheduling a tour, they’re 10x more likely to lease. That’s been our number one priority since day one.”

Sarah and her team also found tremendous value in having prospective renters chat with residents about their experiences through Rentrgata. And, until recently the Knockbot and Rentgrata Messenger were two different experiences.

“And so, we asked if the two technologies could be combined into one resource, where someone can choose what they want to do – whether that’s scheduling a tour, chatting with a resident, contacting the property in one section of the website. This has been a dream come true, this integration and partnership, and it will be a much more seamless experience for our prospective renters.”

Through the Knock and Rentgrata partnership, customers can:

  • Turn your existing Knockbot into a referral engine. Add a new referral section to your Knockbot that allows your residents to help sell your community directly from your website and increase conversions.
  • Get all your bots in one clean user interface. Through a unique partnership, Knock and Rentgrata’s separate bots are now combined in a single user-interface, ensuring your website stays clean and pristine.
  • Continue with no disruption for leasing teams. Incoming prospects flow directly into the Knock’s automated To-Do list ensuring management has one place to monitor leasing activities, and leasing teams see no changes in their daily routines.

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