Knock Talk — Nacho Diego on Simplified Communications

Nacho Diego, Principal of Wesley Apartment Homes, shares his thoughts on why Wesley only utilizes the “best in breed” when it comes to their tech stack. He also explains how they view Knock as a “catch-all lead funnel” and how his leasing teams can communicate with prospects in any medium — all in one place.

“The Knock platform is a one-stop shop — it’s live, it’s fast, it’s intuitive, and it just works — simple.”
— Nacho Diego, Principal at Wesley Apartment Homes

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Wesley Apartment Homes

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The Kirkwood

My name is Nacho Diego and I am a Principal of Wesley Apartment Homes, a local operator here in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a company that believes in best of breed, so we won’t go to the big box software provider for all of the modules if we don’t believe that they do it the best. We see Knock as a catch-all lead funnel — a big funnel where wherever a prospect is finding us, whether it is through any of our ILS partners, our own website, a “Contact Us” button, a Facebook Ad…it’s all going through one channel — that’s Knock. And we can choose to answer them in any communication medium they’ve chosen. Whether it’s text back, email back, call back, and now recently with the new Facebook integration — Facebook message them back. We’ve been a big player in Facebook Ad spend for a while, but never had a great way to capture those leads. We were pumping dollars into those campaigns, only to have our teams go into a different dashboard in order for them to follow up with [prospects] and engage with them. Now, within the Knock platform, it’s a one-stop shop — it’s live, it’s fast, it’s intuitive, and it just works — simple.

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