04/15/22 – The Secret Sauce for Batch-Creating Content

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The Secret Sauce for Batch-Creating Content

Barbara Savona, the founder of Sprout Marketing, stopped by to get a little content obsessed with us. We talk about how to figure out what types of content to create, and Barbara shares her secret sauce for batch-creating content. Plus, which brands Barbara looks to for inspiration, and why you don’t always have to scale projects.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • How to create evergreen, sustainable content.
  • The most effective types of content for renters and prospects (and the easiest types of content for you and your teams to create).
  • Daily activities teams can do to make content creation a little easier.

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • Get on the early-access list for our free playbook, "Start Marketing Today: A Guide for Leasing Agents Who Want to Become Marketers."
  • Vyond: Tool to make animated videos.
  • Rev.com: Video and audio transcription services.


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