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Reed Dunn, Marketing Director at Blanton Turner, shares his experiences with Knock’s Text to Tour feature.

“I put the text to tour message on [A-Boards], and we saw a huge spike in our traffic as a result of Text to Tour.”
— Reed Dunn, Marketing Director

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I’m Reed Dunn — I’m the marketing director for Blanton Turner in Seattle Washington. One of the things I think that really sets Blanton Turner apart from a traditional property management company, is we really set out to break the rules in a lot of ways. When we started using text to tour, I knew that people didn’t want to pick up the phone — I didn’t want to pick up the phone. I’m not going to call an apartment building and schedule a tour — it just wasn’t something I was going to do. And I’m not always at my desktop work computer to be able to do my day-to-day business because, I’m working. We tried Text-To-Tour — we did some A-board toppers, with the Text-To-Tour prompt as a call to action and they work really well. In one case in particular I decided I was going to test it, and I did some large graphics — in a high traffic area where we knew we were going to see a lot of transit traffic right across the street. And I put the Text-ToTour message on there and we saw a huge spike as soon as those graphics went up. A huge spike in our traffic as a result of Text-to-Tour.

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