10 Game-Changing Pieces of Advice Directly From the Multifamily Industry

There are probably more articles on “best business advice” than there are stars in the sky. But have you noticed how they mostly feature lofty quotes from executives who haven’t actually been in the trenches for a long time?


That’s why we turned to the Multifamily ShareSpace group to crowdsource great advice you can actually use to be more successful in your property management career and beyond.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite answers to inspire you.

  1. “One-size-does-not-fit-all should be applied to all forms of training. Not everyone is teachable in the same way.” – Leah Love Orsbon, NALP, Owner at Leasing Leah
  2. “Run to the roar! Tackling tough issues quickly will lead to a more successful outcome!!” – Milisa Crouch, Regional Manager at Allied Property Management
  3. “Raising your hand for help is a sign of strength rather than weakness.” – Amanda Rupp Lynch, Senior Business Manager at Fogelman Properties
  4. “It’s not you vs. me, it’s us vs. the problem.” – David Holland, CPM, Property Manager at Sunrise Management & Consulting
  5. “I was very lucky to work with and for some of the very best women property management has to offer, and they all taught me that while this is a business, I am dealing with someone’s home, which is so personal. I have connected with so many people during happy & stressful times in their lives, and those women all taught me to be compassionate.” – Shannon Ray, CAM, Community Manager at Sandhurst Apartment Management
  6. “The manager sets the tone!” and “Whatever you can't do today will still be there tomorrow!” – Kathy Woodard, Property Manager art Harbor Group
  7. “'Show that you care for a struggling resident or employee by not helping them dig a detrimental grave.’ That was given to me when I was having a hard time with evictions. They told me that I can show more care for the resident by helping them not get into bigger debt. Offering them all the options that are available prior to the eviction court and showcasing how it actually is beneficial for them. I've used this in different ways throughout my career. Now I use it for my employees. Ignoring an issue just helps them dig a grave. Coaching them while the problems happening helps them as much as it helps your company.” – Jeanele Bolder, Regional Trainer at Pacific Living Properties
  8. “Proactively put your health first. Mental, physical and emotional. You’ll be a better person, colleague, and employee by doing so.” – Dominque McSween, Property Manager at Cirrus Asset Management Inc.
  9. “It may not be my fault, but it’s my responsibility.” – Charity Ellis, Owner of Ellis Real Estate Companies
  10. “Use the platinum rule: Don't treat people the way YOU want to be treated, treat people the way THEY want to be treated.” – Emily Sanders, Marketing Coordinator at Inland Real Estate Group

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