06/03/22 – AMA with Demetri Themelis, Co-Founder & CEO of Knock

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AMA with Demetri Themelis, Co-Founder & CEO of Knock

Live from under the East River, it’s Renter Obsessed! On this week’s episode, Knock co-founder and CEO Demetri Themelis finally joins us — via phone from an NYC taxi cab — for a no-holds-barred AMA (ask me anything) sesh. We cover why you need to be “a little foolish” to start a business, why our customers are our product managers, and a few hints about what you can look forward to from Knock in the near future.

Topics mentioned in this episode

  • How Knock has been shaped by customer feedback and relationships.
  • What Demetri's learned as the CEO of a growing company.
  • A little inside information on the future of Knock 👀.


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