04/08/22 – Could Mocking Your Customers on TikTok Be a Good Thing?

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Could Mocking Your Customers on TikTok Be a Good Thing?

Christina Singleton, the co-founder of Show My Property, joins us to talk about how TikTok can actually deliver results for the multifamily industry. From the number of TikToks you should release each day to why going viral shouldn’t be your ultimate goal, we cover it all. Plus, why getting customers to laugh with you (instead of at you) can make a huge splash on social media, and the RO Crew shares which sides of TikTok they’ve ended up on.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • What we can learn from other successful business TikTok channels.
  • How to repurpose TikTok videos in your other marketing channels.
  • Setting measurable goals and figuring out which metrics to track.
  • Meeting the expectations of renters, owners, and TikTok viewers with video content.

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