05/13/22 – What’s Your Story? How to Develop a Company Brand.

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What’s Your Story? How to Develop a Company Brand.

After experiencing rapid growth, real estate investor and PMC Waterton started to lose focus of who they were as a brand. How did customers feel about them? What was their voice? That prompted AVP of Marketing Tina Miserendino to lead a brand refresh for Waterton.

Tina joined us on Renter Obsessed to talk about Wateron’s brand refresh journey: How they set their priorities, came up with a timeline, and how they figured out who they were as a company. Plus, Tina defines “resitality” and explains how it guides everything they do in marketing.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • How to define a company brand, including, voice and tone.
  • How to work with an outside agency on a brand refresh.
  • Overcoming the biggest challenges related to refreshing a brand.


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