Knock Talk — Reed Dunn on Customer Expectations in Multifamily

Reed Dunn, Marketing Director at Blanton Turner, shares his thoughts on current and future trends in the Multifamily Property Management industry. He explains how Blanton Turner is ahead of these paradigm shifts and how Knock CRM allows them to be available to potential renters 24/7.

“[Knock] is a 24-hour tool…so we don’t have to have 24 hour phone service, Knock can provide the opportunity for our potential renters to book tours when they’re ready to book tours.”
— Reed Dunn, Marketing Director, Blanton Turner

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I’m Reed Dunn, I’m the Marketing Director for Blanton Turner in Seattle, Washington. One of the things I think that really sets Blanton Turner apart from a traditional property management company is we really set out to break the rules in a lot of ways. As an industry, that’s what our job is — anticipating people’s needs and surprising and delighting them with something great. I mean Uber is doing that, Amazon’s doing that, Lyft is doing that — all of these tech companies who are disrupting their industries are doing these things — they’re adding surprise and delight to their everyday business. As we move forward, I think there is going to be more and more of that instant gratification in every industry — and definitely in the multifamily industry. I think more than anything, what Knock really provides, that allows us to be there when our renters and our prospects need us — is it’s a 24-hour tool, first of all. So we don’t have to have 24-hour phone service — Knock can provide the opportunity for our renters and potential renters to book tours when they’re ready to book a tour. And Knock provide the opportunity for them to get that tour scheduled first and foremost, but also the instant communication and feedback that we can automate and get those prospects through those first handful of questions that everyone wants to know.