A Letter from Our Founders

December 31, 2018
Seattle, Washington

As the year winds down, one might assume that the pace of activity at Knock Headquarters would slow just a bit through the Holidays — perhaps enough for us to catch our breath and take in all we accomplished over the past 12 months. But that’s not quite what you will see at Knock HQ, as we are working hard to get ready for our biggest year yet: 2019! But as 2018 winds to a close, we are taking some time to reflect on the past year, our accomplishments, and what we have in store for the future.

Let’s take a moment to recap the year that has passed, and preview the one to come. Here are a few of the key headlines:


Our Customers are Leading the Industry

Great leasing and customer service is about finding the right balance between technology and people. We’ve reviewed a large number of metrics over the past year, and Knock customers are providing prospective renters and their residents with unrivaled levels of engagement, delivering industry-leading conversions, and unparalleled customer service. Better data has enabled marketing directors and operations managers to make better decisions about where to invest in the year ahead. And leasing teams are incredibly happy using a CRM that fuels new levels of performance.

We completed our annual leasing agent survey in Q4, and we are thrilled with the results that came back directly from on-site teams.

  • 93% said Knock was incredibly easy to learn
  • 93% said they were very happy with our support
  • 91% said that Knock makes them much better at their jobs

The Knock Platform – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The product team at Knock had a busier year than ever before. We released a ton of new features, functionality, and integrations. We could write an entire book on all of the individual feature releases, but below is the list of new product integrations we added this year:

  • Facebook messenger integration
  • Google sheets integration
  • Realpage quoting integration
  • Realpage online-leasing integration
  • Resman integration
  • AMSI integration

The Knock Team is Growing – More Knockstars

We can’t let our customers have all the fun – the Knock team is finishing the year strong, too! Our team has over doubled in size since this time last year, and we have added a number of industry veterans that continue to raise the bar across sales, support, and technology. We’ll also be expanding our presence across the country – attending more conferences, hosting more client events, and making more in-person visits to more cities than ever before. And yes, we’re bringing back the Winnebago for Knockstar Tour 3.0 (tour dates and locations will be announced soon).

Our expanding team will soon move out of our long-time home in Fremont, Seattle to a shiny new office, not far down the road, in the very hip Ballard neighborhood. Construction is nearly complete and our new furniture is on order…but the debate as to whether we should steal Batman the office cat and bring him with us to our new home rages on. We look forward to having more room to grow, exploring all the new lunch options, and re-optimizing our morning commutes. More than anything, we hope you come to Seattle and visit us soon.

2019 Product Launches will be EPIC!

2019 is going to be an epic year for the technology team. We have several surprises in store for you, and many will be industry-firsts that nobody has done before. We will be investing more than ever in business intelligence tools and in our core product, but let’s just say that 2019 will also be the year that Knock goes beyond CRM. We will also be investing more in mobile, intra-company communication, and even more powerful integrations. Prepare yourselves for some seriously game-changing technology.

Thank You

For all of the changes that have taken place this year, in one regard we are ending just as we started: the best sales and marketing platform in multifamily. And that’s because we have the best customers, whose steady flow of feedback and ideas keeps us several steps ahead of the competition (please don’t hold back in 2019; you’re our secret weapon!). It’s time to go back to work, but we couldn’t let the year end without letting you know how much we love working with you and can’t wait to help you solve more problems and deliver better results in the year ahead. On behalf of the entire Knock team, we thank you for your support and your partnership.

— Demetri & Tom